BEAMA has hosted an event in Parliament (24 October 2013) to present findings from recent research, which found that heating controls can cut household heating bills by up to 40%.

Supported by Laura Sandys MP, the event was well attended by a wide range of key industry figures. Presentations by Salford University and New Experience were followed by a lively discussion on how to ensure that the potential benefits of heating controls are realised in practice.


Colin Timmins from BEAMA said: “We currently estimate that there are around 11 million homes without suitable heating controls. This new research shows clearly how controls provide a cost effective solution to those people struggling to stay comfortably warm, without incurring excessive fuel bills.”

Alongside the event, BEAMA published a ‘white paper’ outlining how Government policy could be tweaked to avoid existing missed opportunities to support the greater uptake of controls in UK housing, in particular by:

• Amending Part L of the Building Regulations in 2016 so that the installation of TRVs is mandatory with a boiler replacement while a system is drained down.

• Ensuring that controls play a more prominent role in the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

• Introducing a specific target in the DECC Heat Strategy to improve controls in homes so that all homes have a minimum standard.

• Increasing the saving value ascribed to TRVs in the SAP methodology in light of this new evidence from the Salford University tests.