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At Fixourboiler we always make sure to try and fix your issue with one visit if possible, we are highly qualified with your boiler repairs and problems. We have affordable prices for your boiler repairs and we are always able to supply you with any boiler part you need. Even if your boiler is working well there are always going to be hidden faults that build up overtime.


Most manufactures recommend an annual boiler inspection by a heating engineer, this is very important once your boiler is a few years old especially if your boiler has an open flue. Without annual inspections you are putting yourself at risk with the dangers a boiler can give out such as carbon monoxide poisoning. At Fixourboiler our registered gas safe heating and plumbing engineers can repair boiler breakdowns, provide you with a landlord gas safety certificates as well as design, supply and fit the correct boiler for your property. With a boiler inspection your boilers lifespan will increase which means there will be less problems your boiler will have. Also with inspections damaged boilers could be easily repaired with prices that suit your price range.

At Fixourboiler we provide you with up-to-date CP12 certificates for your boiler.

Here are only a few of the services we offer for your boiler:

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• Boiler Breakdown & Installation

• Combi boiler repair specialist

• Boiler changes

• Pumps / Radiators

• Heating systems updated

• Under Floor Heating

• Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

• Boiler Services

• Condensing Boiler Specialist

• Gas Repairs & Testing

• All Gas Appliances Serviced