Fixourboiler can install affordable solar water heating systems with prices for complete installations from £2850.00, Repairs from £55. We fit high quality, efficient evacuated tube panels and specialist solar cylinders which are compatible with most boilers or water heaters.

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Energy source which won’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or toxic gases.

Why install solar water heating?

Solar water heating panels can provide most of the hot water needs of an average household for the sunniest months of the year and contribute to your heating needs for the rest of the year. Solar water heating has considerable environmental benefits and reduces your carbon footprint.

Three ways solar water heating could benefit you!

1- Hot Water Throughout The Year: The system works all year round with your boiler or immersion heater assisting in increasing the water temperature during the winter months.

2- Lower Heating Bills: Once you’ve paid for the installation, your heating bills will be dramatically reduced.

3- Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar water heating is a green, renewable

How much CO2 will my system save?

Solar water heating systems can provide around a third of your annual hot water heating needs, reducing your heating bill by between £55 and £95 a year. It will also save up to 645kg of CO2 emissions, depending on which fuel you will be replacing.


Saving p/year

CO2 saving p/year